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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trip to Reno

Finally - we leave for Reno today. I am very excited to meet more of my friends from Cardschat and to see some of the ones I met last year again. This year Joe is going with me and I know he will have a blast.

We will arrive late tonight and might hit the casino for a short while. Tomorrow morning we have rented a car and will drive up to Lake Tahoe for the day. I have heard it is beautiful and it is a place we both want to see.

We will get back to Reno in time to have dinner with MrSticker and his wife and JackDaniels and his wife. Both are friends from Cardschat. Maybe some gambling afterwards - or drinking.

Saturday is my birthday - not a good one. I will be very old. I still feel young lol. It is also the day of the beer festival. The main street in Reno will be shutdown and breweries from all over the world will set up tents up and down the street. There are blues bands playing, food and of course every beer you can think of. We (all from Friday night) will be joined by AmadorEd, Juiceeq, Freakakanus and his wife and SteveG and his wife. This will be a fun group - guaranteed!

Sunday we are getting a poker game together.

I will have my laptop so may update during the trip - if not I will when I return. And my bankroll is now +47.29 from when I started!

- 16.50 (2 buy-ins for tournaments)
+ 36.00 (money won)
$1221.00 new bankroll

Sunday, June 22, 2008

REM concert

Joe took me to see my favorite band in concert last night - REM. Unbelievably it was my first time to see them. They were fantastic!!!

I played in a Cardschat game today - did not place in the money. Made a couple of bad plays and deserved it when I lost - grrr.

- 5.50 entry
$1201.50 new bankroll

I am still up $23.79

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bankroll Update

I didn't win anything in the Fulltilt freeroll. I took Wednesday off from poker. Last night I joined some Cardschat members on a .02/.05 cash table at Pokerstars. I was down at first then made some of it back. I forgot to see exactly what I left with - but I think I lost a little over $1. Tonight I played in the Cardschat Carbon Poker freeroll. I placed 4th and won $7! I think that is my biggest ever freeroll cash. (Not that I have played many freerolls).

- 1.71 cash game
+ 7.00 freeroll
$1207.00 new bankroll

So I am up $29.29 so far!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Bankroll Building

Yesterday I went to all of the Poker sites I could remember that I have money at. My total bankroll was $1173.71. I couldn't even remember my login or password at They got back to me and I finally got in. I am glad I thought of them - I knew I had a little bit of money there but didn't know it was over $100.

I played 2 games last night. One of the Cardschat members put a last minute $5+.50 game up in Pokerstars. I played that but did not cash. I also played the Cardschat $5+.50 game at UltimateBet. This has money added and I placed 3rd and won $39. So I am up so far lol.

- 11.00 buy-ins
+ 39.00 won
$1201.71 new bankroll

Tonight I am playing the Cardschat freeroll at Fulltilt. I hate freerolls. But I am going to give them another chance since I am about to be unemployed.

Monday, June 16, 2008

WSOOF Main Event

I finished 36th out of 152, which is a bust financially. However I really enjoyed the team spirit so it was worth it. Almost half of my bankroll is at Fulltilt so that was the best place to lose it I guess lol.

The good news is some members of Cardschat did very well. Our own Irexes took 3rd place. We won enough points as a forum to win a $225 freeroll. This freeroll will be limited to members who participated in the event so it won't be a large field. Maybe I can win back some of that buy-in!

Then there was another interesting phenomenon. It seems that almost everyone who read my blog yesterday won money playing poker. Hmm....

Okay it is off to work for me. My first real day back at work since learning my job is ending by Sept 1st. It feels great to go to work with absolutely no stress! Though I feel a sick day coming on this week. I have 8 sick days that I will lose when I leave - and I intend to try to use a few of them before then.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

I am very proud that I created this blog with minimal assistance from my husband. It is still in the construction phase so bear with me. I need to figure out how to add some links. I am sure there are some guys out there who will help me!

I have been thinking about starting a poker blog for quite some time but have been too busy to play much poker. I found out last week that I will be losing my job in about 2 months - so that means more time on my hands. I may not update this much at first but once I am no longer working I will be in here most days.

As soon as I have time I will visit all of the poker sites where I have money and figure out what my bankroll is. For now I will estimate it at approximately $1100. I am going to try to become a winning player for a change and will attempt to use good bankroll management for the most part. However you will need to forgive any transgressions because I have some rules of my own regarding that.

Rule #1 - I am allowed to play in any and all Cardschat associated games regardless of the buy-in. This includes joining Cardschat friends at cash tables that may be at higher stakes than I should play at. However this won't happen often. (I decide what too often means)

Rule#2 - If I get too low on cash at my favorite sites rather than drop to levels that are no fun at all I will allow myself to trade sex with my husband for online poker transfers. (don't worry Joe if you read this - it would be above and beyond the norm!)

Rule#3 - I can add more rules if I need or want to.

So today I have registered for the WSOOF Main Event. The entry was $50+5. If I remember correctly I can buy-in for up to 5% of my bankroll so that should be okay. There are only 135 people registered so far and the prize packages are nice. And - maybe I can get some points for Cardschat to win a freeroll.

Wish me luck!