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Friday, February 19, 2010

Putting myself on a schedule...

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This month has been a bit difficult. Every good set of sng’s is followed by several bad ones. I had a very good month in January and I think I may have become a bit over confident in my game. As a result I have spent less time studying than I think I should have. I still have a lot to learn before I can become a consistent winner playing sng’s.

The first thing I need to do is put myself on some kind of a schedule. My days get away from me and what suffers is my study time. It is hard to be disciplined when you work from home. I also have a lot of issues with my attention span – seriously. I am usually awake by 7-7:30 am but it is around noon most days before I am ready for the day. It is not from being lazy. I check in at Cardschat first thing every morning to take care of immediate issues there. Then I get sidetracked with other online stuff – email, Stox, etc. I try to do 35-45 minutes on the treadmill most mornings. Then because I am female it takes the rest of the time to shower, dress, etc lol. (and walk the dogs of course).

So – starting now I have to be on the treadmill no later than 8am and in the shower by 9am. By 10:30 or 11am I need to be ready to face the day or I will ….fire myself lol.

I also have to watch a video before I play any sng’s going forward – at least Mon-Fri. Today I watched Collin’s latest video ” Low Stakes Sng’s.” It reminded me that I still have a lot to work on late in the game when blinds are high. So I will try to find some more videos that will help me with that.

I am also toying with the idea of giving turbos an official shot – I have only tried short sessions in the past and didn’t like them. Maybe I should wait until I feel I have made some improvement in my late game strategy though. I am also afraid to make any big changes in what I am playing while I am on a downswing – maybe I should not feel that way.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poker Hurts My Feelings Sometimes

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I used to think I didn’t tilt much because I rarely get mad when I get a bad beat or lose a lot of games. I don’t post bad beats at the forum or rant and rave about how bad players get rewarded, accuse the sites of being rigged, slam things around, break things or throw tantrums.

But I finally figured out that I just tilt quietly inside in my own way. I let it hurt my feelings lol. I was doing great in the Pokerstars 30k one day – had a huge stack and was in deep. Then I lost it all on the river to a really bad beat. My feelings were so hurt. It took me weeks to forget that crushing blow. It reminded me of having a broken heart – hurt right in my heart center. Really lol. It was a physical and emotional blow. I got over it and I don’t think it will ever affect me like that again.

But it still hurts my feelings sometimes.

Now that I think of it – I am the same way in relationships – my husband will vouch for that lol. I don’t get angry – I just get hurt and withdraw.

But not for long hehe. Poker hurt my feelings on Monday and I was back playing with love in my heart by Tuesday afternoon. Gonna go give it some more love right now!