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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Helps to have fun playing poker sometimes

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I played my sng’s earlier than usual yesterday because I didn’t want any pressure to play in the evening. Joe’s mum is leaving today after a month with us and we took her out to dinner last night which was nice – and my last good meal til Vegas since I need to go back to eating lettuce for a month now. (We have been very bad while she has been here).

I also had a couple of fun games I needed to play last night. We have a guys vs girls event going on at Cardschat and the girls absolutely crushed the guys last weekend in the kick-off event. Then we had a HU qualifier which was a shootout and I finished 3rd. Being the top finishing girl I had to play the top finishing guy hu last night. It was a fun match and I beat him – I have to give you guys here some credit for that. I have learned a bit more about playing hu from watching the hu matches taking place here.

And then there was a private tournament for members of TournamentPokerEdge. Their pros played in it – bigdogpckt5s, IveGotToeJam, HitThePanda. There were 36 people in it and I managed to finish 3rd – ahead of all the pros hehe. Their founder took top place – he is a very nice guy. The tournament was loads of fun – they are a fun group to hang with. (Not as much fun as you guys of course!!)

Anyway – my point is it is nice to take a night off sometimes and just play for fun. Some of us from here did that on a Friday night a few weeks ago and we should do it again sometime soon

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Round 1 HU Match Today

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I was fortunate enough to draw mdot in round 1 of the Team Moshman HUNL Invitational. It could have been worse – I could have drawn Collin himself.

To prepare for my match I signed up for Vandweller’s 2 minute Skype crash course in “How To Defeat mdot HU.” WIth his proven track record I have total confidence that he has given me the tools I need to take this down.

I did my homework and played a hu nl $2.20 match last night practicing what I had been taught. So far my success rate is 100%. I took down the match and my opponent declined a re-match so he must have been scared.

Get ready for the hunl upset of the century! (Today at 1pm at Pokerstars, tournament id#269094068) – see you there!