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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Las Vegas again!

I arrived in Las Vegas last night. Flight was nice and I was able to read quite a bit of Collin Moshman's "Sit "n Go Strategy." (More on that next week!)

I was very tired last night so decided it was not a good time for poker. I played slot machines and Caribbean Stud a bit before heading to bed.

I played a little bit of poker this morning. I was totally card dead - only played 3 hands the whole time lol. I limped in with 22 in one hand and there was a large re-raise so I folded. Next hand I played was ages later when I got ATos and limped in with several others. Flop came AT2 and I bet and was called by a couple. Turn was an 8 and I bet - got 1 caller. River was something I don't even remember bet again and the guy re-raised all in. It was only $22 more dollars to call into a pot somewhere over $200 so I called. He had 22. Then right before I left I got QQ and won a small pot.

Will try again later!

Friday, October 2, 2009

SNG Coaching

I had my first sng coaching last night. It went very well and I am very optimistic about improving my game. I plan on doing more sessions. My coach was very thorough and I feel certain it will be money very well spent.

We had a sweat session and I played 4 $6.50 turbos. He gave me some great feedback. We installed SngWizard after that and he showed me some basics - I love it.

Hopefully I will have another session next week. For now I need to go workout and then shower so I can play some poker today!!