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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Making progress and making money

I finished September down -$60.64. Tournaments were not good - that was -$87.86. I did a bit better at the cash tables, playing mostly $25NL I ended up ahead $27.22.

For October I have cutback on tournament play - limiting it mostly to Cardschat games. I have slightly increased my cash play, but not to where I want to be. I am down -$4.30 in tournaments and up $34.90 in cash. So it is looking better. I have had 2 first place finishes in a 2 week period in the Cardschat Fulltilt freerolls. (one was the last day of Sept though)

It is amazing to me now that I am not working how little time I seem to be able to find to dedicate to serious poker. I go to the gym, walk the dogs, do some shopping and a little work around the house and the next thing I know the day is gone. Tough life, I know lol.

I am finding every way possible to earn money without having a job. There is really no pressure on me and that helps. I am still paid a full income until February and after that I can get unemployment wages for up to 39 weeks.

I have found some ways to make small amounts of money online - doing some surveys and things like that. Then I ran across a nice one - I am particpating in a jetlag study and will get paid $2500 for that if I make it through the entire study. I have earned $75 of it already - getting a physical and psychological evaluation. I will earn $350 next week for an overnight study of my sleep patterns. Then if that goes well I will go to Paris on Nov 2nd for the rest of it - and will earn a total of $2075 for those 4 days. Will keep you posted!