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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting Serious Paid Off!

I finished 4th in the Pokerstars $75k gtd $11r last month for almost $6k. I also fnal tabled the $30k 2R1A a couple of days ago.

Now I just need to try to make sure I don’t wait 5 months for my next decent cash!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Time To Get Serious

2010 was a pretty good year for me as far as MTT’s go. It wasn’t huge – but my first year with a fair profit so I am not complaining. I only had 2 big cashes – one live and one online.

I am easy to please and will be happy with 2 of each this year. Though with the volume I will be putting in online I should have several good cashes. I got a late start last year and just started my coaching mid-year so I think there is a good chance this year could be much better for me.

As far as live tournaments go – I just returned from one trip which was relatively uneventful. (well – I did hit a jackpot on a slot machine for $1100 lol). I will probably only make 4-5 Vegas trips this year and might hit Biloxi once or twice again. I will go one more time before the end of April – hopefully with the Moshman group but if they don’t go I will go on my own again. Then the 2 weeks in the summer and 1 or 2 more trips after that.

I plan on taking poker a lot more seriously this year – live and online. I am going to be very cautious of my other expenses especially when I travel.

Choosing between the Aria and the Venetian is getting tougher. I love the nightly 7pm tournament at the Venetian and I love staying there. Food choices are fantastic and I don’t get stuck having big expensive meals every time I eat. On the other hand I love the Aria 1pm daily tournament and the staff there is great. But every meal I eat there costs at least $25-30 – they have no fast food at all. The food gets old fast. They give me better rates – but I think my food expenses negate that or worse lol.

Then – I get all these even better and sometimes free offers from loads of other places. Maybe I should give them a try but I am so spoiled with my favorites. Some people just need a place to sleep – I want comfort and luxury lol. I also like staying where I am going to be playing the most. I guess I will take it one trip at a time.

But yea – time to get serious!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Post Vegas Blues

Vegas trips are alway so much fun – it is hard to adjust when I get back home. I have come to love playing live tournaments and living in Georgia means I have to travel to play. Vegas is really the best deal with the best tournaments so I try to go every 2-3 months. I guess I should consider myself fortunate for being able to do that – but I really do hate that I can’t play live all the time.

I did okay on this most recent trip. I finished 5th in one of the Venetian 2nd chance tournaments and finished 4th in one of the daily Aria tournaments. I stayed at the Aria the last 6 nights I was there and they may have stolen me from the Venetian – I really like it there.

I had a blast with Team Moshman as usual. I wasn’t able to play my best when we played pool – but I did manage to stay reasonably sober unlike most of the others lol. See if you can pick out the guilty parties in the picture above.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time to Hit Vegas Again!

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Some of us are heading back to Vegas this week. I am looking forward to seeing some of my Team Moshman friends again. The last trip was fantastic – there are some great memories of that one!

I am also excited to play some live tournaments again and see if I can get some more final tables. This time if I chop I will be much better prepared lol.

I will be playing some of the 2nd chance nightly tournaments at the Venetian which I did so well in. I will also be playing some of the Aria tournaments this time since I will be staying there for part of the trip.

I plan on taking some pictures this time too!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Off to New York for the First Time

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Every October Joe and I pick a new place to go that we want to see. This year it is Manhattan. I have never been and Joe has only gone there once long ago. I am very excited – it seems people either love it or hate it. But Joe knows me well and thinks I will love it. I think he might be right.

At any rate it will be a nice break from my routine – and from poker for 5 days.

Last year was San Francisco which ended up being one of my favorite places in the world – maybe only second to Amsterdam.

Next year we are talking about Hawaii.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Took Down the Pokerstars 25k!

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I finally got a 1st place in a big online MTT! It was a miracle comeback too. With the blinds at 500/1000 and a $100 ante I was down to 993 chips and had to slowplay to make the money lol.

I then proceeded to blind out – got down to 418 chips. By this time the blinds were 600/1200 and the ante was $125 which left me with 293 chips. I was UTG and had J3os. I called with my micro 1/4 bb stack and caught a J on the river to win. I perked up at this point cause I had 2bb’s to work with lol. Here is the result:

If you can't see it - I won the tournament! Cash was $5064.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Venetian cash

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I snuck away for a last minute quick trip back to Vegas this week. I played in the same nightly Venetian tournament again and finished 7th for a small cash. There were only 71 in the tournament - they said that was the lowest turnout they had ever had. It only paid the final table - and it is a shame that my JJ did not hold up against 66 in my last hand. It would have put me about 3rd in chips and I could have had a nice cash.

Oh well.....