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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Achieved My Gold Star Status at Pokerstars Yesterday!

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The world is changing – dakota now has 3 gold stars at Pokerstars. It was only a few months ago it seemed I was destined to be eternal bronze star forever. Then I discovered Collin’s sng videos after joining Stox, saw a thread where zerosum79 was offering coaching and that was all she wrote. I am officially addicted now.

If I could only get back the “run good” I had in January poker life would be grand lol. Here’s to platinum by the end of the year!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vegas Trip Report

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We just got back home from Vegas – it was a great trip. We arrived on Saturday morning – it was our first stay at the Aria. I thought it was very nice – but lacked atmosphere for me. The rooms are very nice and slightly larger than a normal hotel room – but far from the suites you get at the Palazzo/Venetian. We only paid $139 – and got a $50 food credit and a $50 casino credit so it was a good deal. The poker room was very crowded so I skipped that.

The next morning we went to Fatburger’s – yummy! Then we headed off to the Palazzo for the next few nights. Those nights were free so even a better deal. They also comped several of our meals. I love that place – even the smell of it lol. Since it was just me and Joe this time we got to spend a lot of time just doing things together which is unusual for a Vegas trip. We did some degenerate gambling – especially me hehe.

I played in the Venetian noon poker tournament on Monday. I didn’t last long. I got TT and re-raised with 2 in the pot pre-flop. I knew one would call – he was playing a lot of pots. I didn’t expect the other to call so I put him on a strong hand. The flop came T95. I thought and then decided to check raise. But they checked behind me. So when an 8 came on the turn I shoved. I put the first guy on a 5 or 9 and was right – he was weak. I thought the other guy had a high pocket pair or AK. He had 6-7 and had hit a straight with the 8. Oh well. It was good practice for the Spring Break Poker Classic in Biloxi which is soon.

I played at $1/2 table yesterday and enjoyed it – ending up breaking even.

I will be heading back out either late June or early July – can’t wait!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Off to Vegas Again!

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Joe and I will be heading off to Vegas on Saturday. We are staying at the Aria Saturday night and I am anxious to check it out. The room was only $139 with a $50 food and beverage credit and a $50 match play – so not too bad. And it is close to Fatburger’s – so that will be lunch on Sunday!

After that we will head to the Palazzo for 3 nights – and those are all free so that is cool. I will play in the noon tournament at the Venetian one day. We are meeting up with Nick (owner of Cardschat) to go to Cold Stone Creamery since he and I are both ice cream addicts.

Joe and I just plan on checking things out on this “quiet” trip. He is a gem and will let me play poker as much as I want – but I will try to spend a lot of time with him.

Oh – and our flights were only $35 each roundtrip from Atlanta. I managed to squeeze some Delta credits out of the 5th rep I talked to after my San Francisco disaster last fall. (When I booked the flights for the wrong day and didn’t know it til the day before we were supposed to go).

This will just be a fun practice run – the big trip will be during the WSOP – can’t wait for that one!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On Target For Gold

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Since I have 27 days to earn vpp’s this month I am well on target to get the 3000 I need for gold. After the first 8 days I have 1126 vpp’s for the month so I should be able to pull it off fairly easily.

Also – my next sng will get me my first $50 stellar reward bonus – so that makes $100 for the year now. I should fly through for the next $50. I really like that Pokerstars added that to their VIP program – it is a nice little plus on top of the other benefits.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mining for Gold This Month

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A few months ago I thought I was destined to be a recreational bronze player at Pokerstars forever. I played MTT’s – but never earned more than about 450-550 vpp’s a month. Then I started playing $5.50 sng’s and adding tables. In December I realized it would be easy for me to move up to silver so in January I did. I moved up to the $11’s and got up to 6 tables by mid-month. I had a lot to do at home in February and it was a short month with a trip in it so I didn’t bother pressuring myself to get gold and still earned over 2150 vpp’s.

But now March is here and even with my Vegas trip I should be able to earn 3000 VPP’s and move up to gold. I know that is not exciting for most players but earning twice the fpp’s that I was earning 2 months ago means a lot to me. Especially with the improved VIP program at Pokerstars. I am earning and buying decent bonuses and that really helps.

And – Platinum is no longer out of the question. When I am able to move up to the $22’s and possibly 8 tables it will be a real possibility I never imagined before. I doubt I will ever see Supernova but I could be happy with Platinum!