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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back From Vegas and addicted to live tournaments!

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Wow – what a great trip this was!! It was so cool meeting all of you for the first time. I feel like I have some new friends for life.

We kicked off the first meeting after I arrived with the fantastic dinner at CraftSteak. It was the best steak I have ever eaten in my life. And the company was fantastic – had some great chats with everyone.

Darts was a blast – and I even won a game. Which is a miracle I know. Rob can attest to my terrible aim. I met him and Grind in a bar in the Palazzo. They were over doing the old people jokes with me and I finally had my last straw with Rob and threw an ink pen at his chest. Only it hit him right between the eyes instead. It was bloody. He is still a marked man. But no more old jokes hehe.

Collin and Katie took me to dinner on my birthday to a Brazilian Steakhouse and it was another fun night. Simon, Andy and his wife joined us.

Cody (Bwammo), Jonny (Silentstorm) and I had a couple of fun nights hanging out. I hated that Jonny lost his phone though. We all had a last night dinner at an Italian place – then all of my Mosh buddies except for Rob left me. I was very sad.

The next week was spent with Cardschat friends – and Rob who got along great with all of my other friends. We all hung out together every day and night. We had a blast both days of the 2+2 parties playing foosball, shuffleboard and darts. Rob and I make a good team – well only because he is on it lol. The Bodog party was good for drinks and food but we didn’t stay long. The CardRunners party was good for drinks and we made our own fun.

Dusty Schmidt (Leatherass) invited me to dinner with the DTB guys. Hunter, QTip, Owen and Phil joined us. I love all of them – we had a great time talking and they had me in stitches more than once.

I was thrilled with how I played in my first real shot at live tournaments. I cashed in 5 of the 10 I played in – making a profit of over $3400. I totally screwed up my 1st place chop and probably cheated myself out of about $600-800 more. But Cody kind of set me straight on what to do going forward and it was a lesson learned. I have to give him some credit for my success – I have really opened up my game a lot since he started coaching me and watching him play so much has me making decisions and moves that were never part of my game in the past. He focuses a lot on how the table and players are playing and has helped me to start doing the same. I know the times I went deep some of the things I learned from him were invaluable. He never cares about how short his stack gets – he is always convinced he can still take it down. I found myself with that same confidence after a few games. So for those caoches jealous of his student buying him dinners – he earned them lol!

Last night Rob and I played in the nightly Venetian game – which is what 9 of my games were in. We both made the money and of course they sit me right next to him twice. So when it was down to 12 he shoves into me from LP and I know his range is any 2 cards. It was an easy call with my AT. He turns over 83os lol. Ofc he gets a 3 to take me down to 6k in chips with the blinds at 3k/6k and 1k ante. Next hand I get KK and more than quadruple up with 4 callers. Then I get 99 and more than double up. I worked my way back to 116k lololol. Unfortunately Rob got knocked out in 10th with AK vs AK and the other guy hit 4 cards to a flush. I finished 8th for a $668 cash.

I plan on playing a lot more live tournaments!!