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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xmas shopping

I managed to get through the holidays with no major disasters...and only 1 embarassing event. That happened in Belk's where I may never shop again. It was very crowded and I was looking at some things and saw something I wanted to check out on the other side of the standing rack. I turned to walk around it and ran smack into a woman. I was so embarassed and started apologizing profusely - then looked up at her and to my horror I was apologizing to myself in a mirror lololololol. And yea -there were loads of people around, some of whom were watching me. That is one of those times you want the floor to open up and swallow you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Woman Needs a Man...

So - I am going to move this here now:

It might take you a while to catch up lol. If you have read it then you are familiar with Dakota's (the dog) xmas escapades last year when Joe's mum was here visiting. I got my new bigger tree - and I bought foil ornaments for the bottom of the tree. He has been so good this year with the tree that I even got brave enough to put presents under it. So far I have only had to re-wrap one - but it has only been a day lol.

However - my other decorations have suffered. This year I put 3 rows of garland across the fireplace and put the xmas cards on it. (don't worry - we have not used the fireplace lol.)

I came in and found 1 chewed up xmas card on the floor and one row of garland down. When I complained to Joe that Dakota had done it - he came to his defense as usual. He said I always blame everything on Dakota. He said the xmas card was from last year and must have fell out of something. (huh?). Of course Dakota did not pull my garland down - it just fell.

So later we were laying in bed - Dakota between us, barely allowing me enough room on my side of the bed as usual. (He actually growls at me when I try to claim an extra inch). He rolled over for his belly rub so I obliged. Then I felt something on his belly. I thought it was a leaf at first - but I couldn't pull it off. A closer look revealed what it was. Scotch tape -the exact size of what was missing from my hanging garland! I had evidence which I smugly shared with Joe. And what did he say???? That was not proof that Dakota pulled the garland down! The tape probably fell to the floor and when Dakota decided to lie innocently in front of the fireplace he layed on the tape.

Sigh lol.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Treat Your Poker Like a Business"

Hopefully my book shipped today! It is written by Dusty Schmidt (Leatherass) from Stox Poker and it should be very good. And to make it more exciting he is doing a well thread at Cardschat. It is going great so far!

Here is the link for the well thread:

and here is the link to buy his book:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Variance sucks

Well December decided to show me what variance is all about - ouch. I am not doing well at anything -playing mostly sng's. But reviewing my games on my own and with my coach is not turning up a lot if mistakes so I guess I will be patient and ride it out. I will try to devote a day each week for studying and see if that helps to keep me focused.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November was a good month

November was my best month for poker since June - not a huge profit but a decent one nonetheless. I have continued with my sng coaching and that is helping a lot.

I also did well with some low-medium cashes in MTT's including some of the Cardschat private games.

Here's to December!