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Monday, January 24, 2011

Time To Get Serious

2010 was a pretty good year for me as far as MTT’s go. It wasn’t huge – but my first year with a fair profit so I am not complaining. I only had 2 big cashes – one live and one online.

I am easy to please and will be happy with 2 of each this year. Though with the volume I will be putting in online I should have several good cashes. I got a late start last year and just started my coaching mid-year so I think there is a good chance this year could be much better for me.

As far as live tournaments go – I just returned from one trip which was relatively uneventful. (well – I did hit a jackpot on a slot machine for $1100 lol). I will probably only make 4-5 Vegas trips this year and might hit Biloxi once or twice again. I will go one more time before the end of April – hopefully with the Moshman group but if they don’t go I will go on my own again. Then the 2 weeks in the summer and 1 or 2 more trips after that.

I plan on taking poker a lot more seriously this year – live and online. I am going to be very cautious of my other expenses especially when I travel.

Choosing between the Aria and the Venetian is getting tougher. I love the nightly 7pm tournament at the Venetian and I love staying there. Food choices are fantastic and I don’t get stuck having big expensive meals every time I eat. On the other hand I love the Aria 1pm daily tournament and the staff there is great. But every meal I eat there costs at least $25-30 – they have no fast food at all. The food gets old fast. They give me better rates – but I think my food expenses negate that or worse lol.

Then – I get all these even better and sometimes free offers from loads of other places. Maybe I should give them a try but I am so spoiled with my favorites. Some people just need a place to sleep – I want comfort and luxury lol. I also like staying where I am going to be playing the most. I guess I will take it one trip at a time.

But yea – time to get serious!

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